We provides custom scaffold solutions for your specific project needs.

We offer reliable and safe scaffolding installation services.

We provide certified scaffolding services and assistance with planning and engineering for specialized projects.

We provide expert scaffolding rentals and assistance for a wide variety of projects.

We offer Debris Netting as one of the tools used to protect the workers and those working around the scaffolding.

We provide shrink-wrap services to encapsulate structures undergoing renovation, offering cost-saving alternatives and enhanced integrity and stability of the scaffold.

We offer freight services delivering and transporting bulk materials to areas in the Lower Mainland.

We offer Hiab crane trucks that are able to lift, lower or move loaded materials horizontally and vertically.


Aarc-West Scaffolding

Aarc-West Scaffolding Inc., affiliated to The Aarc-West Group of Companies, provides expert scaffolding services including installation, supply and rental.

Serving Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, we are dedicated to quality, service and safety. Our scaffolding solutions are safe and cost-effective for customers, integrating seamlessly into our wider range of service offerings with The Aarc-West Group.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees are all certified and have the experience to deliver the highest quality of service while maintaining safety and efficiency.


Aarc-West Scaffolding delivers custom scaffold solutions built for your specialized needs. Our project management teams devote a great deal of time to the pre-planning phase to ensure the scaffold will be built most effectively, taking into account the structure itself and the different trades that will be impacted by the scaffold’s construction.

We employ both commercial and industrial red-seal certified journeypersons and apprentices which allows us to ensure all projects are completed with both cost and quality in mind. Our superior scaffolding teams can disseminate the information found within the scope of work to ensure your project is completed as expected and will be in compliance with the varied regulatory bodies.



Aarc-West Scaffolding is committed to quality and has developed a reputation for excellence in what we do. We utilize some of the most complicated insulation systems available in our industry and, essential to successful outcomes on challenging projects, is our painstaking attention to detail and strict adherence to project specifications and industry best practices. All of our work is completed with the same high quality standards and attention to safety.


At Aarc-West safety is a number one priority. Training, management commitment and employee participation in our safety programs is essential. This is accomplished by employing a dedicated individual to track training, certification and first aid to ensure all requirements are met and up-to-date.


Protection of the environment is very important to Aarc-West and we are proud to have a high level of commitment to the environment and sustainability of natural resources which allows us to be a good neighbour in our community and help preserve the environment for the benefit of future generations


Quality control requires the project manager and the project team to inspect the completed work to ensure that it's aligned with the project scope.


Let's grow

Join the Aarc-West Scaffolding team as we build a work environment that is safe, productive, respectful, challenging and educational and where every employee makes a difference and is an invaluable member of our team.

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